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Postcard for March

It’s time to make a new postcard quilt again for the Japanese quilters online community. Last time I made a poinsettia card . This time theme is yo-yo quilt. I actually never made yo-yo quilt before. So good to do something new!

I often see people using yo-yo quilt as flowers that went straight out of my head as a design choice. I love them but I want to be different :) Yo-yo quilt is a circle shape unless you have some Clover’s special template to make heart shape or oval or something else. I don’t. Circle shape to make something interesting then.

First, cutting fabric to one inch circles. That’s my iron’s cord by the way.postcard-5

One made. Template, before and after stitching. Yep my yo-yos are a half inchespostcard-4

Now there are seven.postcard-3

Stitched on the fabric with tiny metallic beads in the centre.


Done! It’s “Big Dipper” or “Plough” or ” Great Bear”  or whatever you call.


Big dipper

I just simply added constellation lines on it since the background is busy already. What do you think?

You can see other ladies postcard here. Yep all in Japanese.

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Author: Tomomi McElweee

Hi! I am a patchwork quilt maker and teacher. Originally from Japan now living in Ireland. My blog is about my quilt making and life around it.

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