Free motion quilting

I love free motion quilting at last. It took a very long time for me to say that comfortably.

It was unknown, unseen, uncommon around Ireland until very recently and the process is a bit intimidating to do. But after years of practice and getting very friendly with my sewing machine, I am happy with my free motion quilting now 🙂


I do block quilting that means I quilt according to the fabric I pieced together( sewn together in other words). The inspiration comes from the fabric I use, overall image of quilt or just just something nice. Google a lot. A LOT. When I find what I want I make sure I can doodle that image otherwise I can’t draw with sewing machine and that doodle has to be done one continuous line. Non geometric design is better because I can be imperfect!

For the latest cot quilt I used a lot of cute girly prints. As a result I decided to draw flowers.

First I mark a little circle.



Well… I know you can’t quite see that marked circle here.  Anyway, so I stitched the circle-ish first to make sure I know where I am going with stitches and stitched flowers around it.


One done.




And done with extra circle in the middle. Some lines are bit wobbly but that’s doodling.

Hopefully I can take some over all photo of this quilt to show you tomorrow.

Good night!!



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