Silver Fox

I found this pattern here at Craftsy a while ago and fell in love with it.

If I’m allowed to say as a quilter, I don’t like foundation paper piecing. It dose make beautiful block, pattern, complicated shapes and I don’t need to make template nor measure and cut the fabric correctly. But I need to use my seam ripper so often… The slight miss alignment or missing slight stitching line cause huge problem. And ripping paper and scattering them on the floor afterwards (OK that’s my own fault not using a bin)…  But but I couldn’t say no to this one.


I like the sample one on that site, the green one but my fabric stash didn’t have anything like that and it has to be my fox so I dag very deep into scrap box. I have tons of ridiculously small fabric in my scrap box in hope of one day I can use them up. And the day come!! (-ish) I picked very pale gray fabric and similarly pale gray one with a little bit of blue. Pale beige for fox’s tummy red for a maple leaf. And paisley print with gold will make my silver fox so sexy!! That was my plan 🙂

Assembling bits by bits. I have no idea how many pieces are needed. Some are smaller than my little finger’s nail.Image

Piecing finished. Yahoo!! As you can see I love jig saw puzzle.Image

The border was added.


Done the quilting. Free motion stippling on the back. Leaf has got veins but I am not sure it is the right pattern as a maple leaf… Fox has a little bit of fur like line.


From the reverse side. In other word, better view of quilting line.



I quilted maple leaf shape on the border but haven’t taken any photo of it. I am going to make this to a cushion cover but unfortunately fabric I need for making it is packed away until certain time. Until then this fox stays in sleep.

Keep warm.


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