Have you heard of Zakka? It’s a Japanese word means small everyday goods like pot holders, pouches, pen cases, camera cases, blush and pan or anything but it has to be cool or cute in design. I actually didn’t realize it has become a English word until recently.

We have a lot of how to make Zakka books in Japan. Not only sewing but all kind of technique are involved! We love making things and decorating everyday item.

Last week I went my local library to see if they have got something new in their craft section and found “PATCHWORK PLEASE!” by Ayumi Takahashi. I have seen this book online and bit interested because it is written by a Japanese blogger and says Zakka is very popular! but never imagined I can see this book in flesh in the library in Carlow (no offense there).

So I brought it home and looked page by page. The fabric used in the book is so nice! I wish I can have them in my fabric stash. None of project are difficult.

Me being me, I don’t want to repeat what is on the book but wanted to dip my toes a bit so made a zipper pouch.


This is what is on the book. My fabric stash don’t create a modern looking pouch like this because my choice is different plus not another paper piecing 😦 so I opted for rectangles instead and just follow the dimensions. Then another wall I hit, I am not a fun of make it a bit bigger and trim it back to the right size either so I have to redraw most of measurement which is actually not difficult job just have to follow the measurement of lining.


And this is what I made for the main part of the bag.

Annoyingly inserting a zipper took two attempts today. I blame the bad weather we are having all week. And more rain for the bank holiday weekend. Yuck!


The lining and the main body. That yellow fabric with dots are new in my stash from  good Zakka fabric I say.

And they are hand sewn together and the latter half of afternoon brought some sunshine, I managed to take more photos.Image


If you find interesting project written in Japanese, I can help you translating. Happy weekend!


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