Big piece

I Love miniature quilts, small piecing and all the details but this time I put a challenge to make a quilt with big pieces. Why is that a challenge? Because I don’t buy big prints normally and cutting fabrics into a bigger squares and rectangles than ruler is a bit of challenge.

Next step was colour combination and striking shapes to create as a modern quilt. I was itching to make cross shapes for a while and that needed more plan before starting to stitch.

I brought out some fabric modern bright bold prints. Cut to very wide 4 1/2″ and to squares and rectangles.


I had to spread everything on the floor before stitching and even though yes I made a few mistake and had to rip off and sew back again to get it right.

The quilting…. I am not a big fan of wiggly lines. I wanted to enhance the cross shapes but any cross motif is a bit too heavy and old looking  also because this is a cot quilt those quilting motifs don’t go with all any pretty prints. Think think, Ping! Then image of rabbits hopping around came in my mind.


Stitching grass in between rabbits made a whole quilting done in one go except the point the bobbin thread had to be changed of course. The gap in the middle of the cross was filled little flowers. I am still girly… I will make a quilt for a boy one day.


Bound with wide 1/2″ binding to add more character. And finished.

Happy cheery baby quilt. For a girl again… 🙂cot quilt cross shape

Finished size : 40″ by 40″

All material used including wadding and thread are made of cotton.

Available at SlaneyHandcraft


3 thoughts on “Big piece

  1. I just found your blog today, and I love the girly baby quilt you made! One day I will have to try and make a “plus” quilt, too… I look forward to seeing what else you are making!

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