Stamp of my creation.

Hi! Hope everybody had a good new years holiday. In our house hold it’s a kind of holiday since we both are self employed and things have to happen except our teenage daughter. Oh well I remember I was the same at that age…. Also what new year’s day should be just celebrating it at least three days since I am Japanese. Not so in Ireland. Anyway I think I have recovered from pre-Christmas madness and ready to go back to sew. That should bring me a good luck of sewing year as Japanese say. Started pinwheel blocks which will be a sample for the new year’s class as well as will be in the shop.

This was the plan, I wanted middle bit paler and get darker as go outside with mix up fabric.


Here I started like this.


And it grew.


And grew.


Then found a big mistake. I put the middle bit wrong way around. I must love my seam stripper! Back to my sewing machine.


Now I have to find a nice border to go around. I think chocolate brown will be nice. Have to make a plan for the shopping!

There are few other things to be organized for this year. I have to make labels to put my names on my creations. Until now I printed on plain natural cotton fabric through my printer after surveying on internet (sorry I can’t remember the where I found it). Using freezer paper and fusible web. I love them. I love natural hand-made look of them. But the printer broke down( which nothing to do with me feeding fabric through the printer!). Got the new one. But unfortunately the new printer hasn’t got paper feeding slot on the back. My printing on fabric days has ended there. Great opportunity is lost because there is art quilt using printers!Image

So off to search the supplier. I don’t want satin ones because they don’t represent hand made feeling. I want them to be small enough to fit inside of coin purse. Still want to be printed on cotton or linen for the natural look. This shop makes lovely labels but hmmm….
Looking through the Japanese site I found a lot of people use stamps on the cotton tape there and which gives the labels looks just what I want. Like these Next is finding a good supplier and I think this shop is just so fab! I can get tape in good price and my stamp will be made! Only problem will be it will be just one colour but I can live with that.Now I know what I want and where I can get, just have to organize this to happen. Happy new year!!


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