Twirl on my pinwheeel

Hi! How is your first sewing of this year is going? My first quilt of this year is getting into a shape.

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As you may know, it is “pinwheesl” with half square triangles(HST). At some places all eight different fabric have to meet up neatly.

Which method do you use for piecing HST. I’m a traditionalist. I cut squares neatly carefully with added 7/8″ seam allowance, cut very carefully in diagonal line and stitch them back together. Because this is more accurate and quick for me.

I don’t know why I can’t sew straight if I don’t cut them into triangles beforehand. If I stitch squares along the diagonal line and cut the fabric in half , the seam allowance won’t be the right size anymore sometimes. And I can’t rip it apart to fix it if I need because there is no reliable edge of fabric for the seam to follow. And I am lazy to trim the bigger HST to correct size, I just make it happens every time which includes ripping and re sewing.  Well that’s my way and everybody has got a best way to do it, isn’t it?

I do something new for my quilt making every time. This time I decided try to create flatter corners where eight fabrics meet (Sorry I can’t find a link to the original idea I saw). After piecing everything, you undone some stitch on the seam allowance to create something like this. The left hand side of top and bottom seam allowance are stitched together so on the right. Now they create mini pin wheel on the back!


This happens naturally if I hand sew for piecing. I’m not really a patient Japanese who does hand sewing for all the process of quilt making. I know they create absolutely beautiful quilts by hand sewing but I don’t. Anyway my eyesight is not great for the close ups anymore when I wear contact lenses so I couldn’t see the thread at some places. New kind of hard work…

I am never good at pre-organizing seam allowance fold. Are you? I don’t like seam allowance getting twisted but sometime it happens. This time since I had to flip over some of the seam allowance for flatter corners, I ended up a lot of twist. Shame!


I will re-think about this method carefully next time…

Anyway at the end of today I have made a quilt sandwich and pinned. Time to think about quilting lines now 🙂

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Thank you for your patient to read my grump 🙂


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