Me and my walking foot

It was a glorious sunrise this morning here in Ireland then quickly turned to cold winter rain. Hope the sun shines soon again.

My quilting day one is always for doing basic straight lines to secure the shape of blocks which is called ” Ditch quilting” or “quilt in ditch”. They are suppose to be hiding as in the name but you can see the effect well and keep the patchwork blocks in shapes. To do so, need to use a walking foot which feeds the all the fabric and wadding together smoothly.


Very boring back side of quilt in make. It will shine.

From here I might go to do free motion quilting or more with a walking foot. Sometime I can find what I want quickly bot not this time.

On quilting day two, I decided to make gentle curved lines to enhance pinwheel shapes, well that what I was hoped for. I like using a walking foot to do geometric shapes because I am not good at doing straight lines with free motion quilting yet . Simple geometric shapes looks good on patchwork which is a full of squares, rectangles and triangles.ImageImage

As you can see there are big gaps in between the curved lines. More thinking!

Today was the day three, I filled the gaps with pebbles. Looks better. Quilting on the border was done with my trusted swirl lines and just need to stitch up the binding now.


Just finished stitching. Sorry for the mess.

This is my walking foot. My third walking foot.Image

I haven’t had a good relationship with any of them to be honest. The first two had plastic part where the screw goes in. My sewing machine has tendency to loosen that screw with the vibration. One day as I drop the foot that plastic part got broken in two pieces because it was tilted by loosen screw.

Then this metal one came. The screw dose get loose still so I tightened it very hard. That metal bit got pushed open a little by screw and started to tilt again. I never thought I was that strong. Didn’t get break because it is made of metal but broke a lot of needle which hit the plate. Can you see the dent in the middle? Just where the thread is going in? So I bent it to straight back as much as possible. Now needles are just missing the metal bit.

THEN it started skipping stitches!! Grrrrr!! I changed needles and cleaned and oiled everywhere of the machine. Still skipped. Only reason I can think of was the walking foot because it happened only with the walking foot. I was going to give it up but googled it anyway if somebody else had the same problem. Hey they are!! Some dust might stuck in the walking foot. So I cleaned and oiled it. Hooray I fixed it!! Now I can use it again for the geometric shapes!! Happy me 🙂

Do clean and oil your walking foot, so you don’t have to cry like me.


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