Spool pot holder

Hi all! How is the weather at your place? We are having rain here Ireland almost one week now 😦  Hope the sun comes back soon.

I am going to start a big project very soon but today I needed to sew and finish something quick. I have a few things to make for our new home, the first thing is to replace this old sad pot holder.


Sad old pot holder I made four or five years ago.


I was reading Cindy’s blog last week and that made me wanting to make spools.

The pot holder has to be about 6″ and one spool on it doesn’t look right that means need to make four 3″ spools. Did my drawings and decided to make 1/4″ stripes for the thread bit to represent colourful variegated thread.


1/4″ stripes means 2/3 of fabric is seam allowance


My heap of scraps are getting smaller, I think… probably by millimeter…

Added back ground white and wooden spool bits.


easy straight lines


Now they looks like spools


I should done the spool bit by paper piecing but rather taking time to more drawings I just wanted to keep going.

That enthusiasm made me completely forgot to take any photos in between until I finished it 🙂


Happy me.


A little bit of plan changing in the process, the spool themselves ended as 3″ by 2.5″. To make up the size, I added little sashing strips in between. Free motion quilted on the thread bit to add thread feeling and done!


Free motion straight line quilting. How is it?



The backing is linen I bought a long time ago to make a tunic which is in my wardrobe waiting for a good summer days.


Now we are going to have a nice cup of the with this pot holder 🙂

By the way, do you call this kind of thing, pot holder, pot stand, teapot stand, trivet, or what?


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