Quilting Bee

I am taking part of the quilting bee with the Modern quilt guild of Ireland (MQGI) for the very first time. I have seen the quilting bee going on online but hesitated to participate because it is not in Ireland and I don’t know anybody there in the very big world of online quilt makers. But when the MQGI has got organizeed for the quilting bee last year I jumped in to it.

I think taking the very first position for January is a very very brave thing to do. So big big applose to Ruth to do so.

Here is the instruction for January’s block from Ruth. It is a very clever and interesting block. All small scraps and big plain field. Scraps can be any but the plain gray will connect all the blocks together. Very clever.

So I dug into my scrap boxes. I need 1.5″ by 1.5″ squares but some of my scraps are too small for that. I know I should put those small ones in the bin but there is me thinking I might use them for a half inch squares or applique, maybe… That’s why my scraps never disappear.


So these are my squares with bright cheery colours.


I like using small prints for the small pieces because it shows everything intended but seeing only a little part of big print brings a very different design from the original one. Like that one blue with white dots. It is a very small part of big print of this.

White a half inch strips are always bit tricky. A lot of concentration when cutting as well as stitching otherwise it won’t be a nice straight line!

Anyway I have done it!


And sent to Ruth and happily received. yey! I can’t wait to see the finished quilt now.

Happy weekend!


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