Ironing on!

I am ironing for a week now. Not sewing, just ironing.


Because I am making a stained glass quilt! Yapee.

I can’t remember when I first sew a stained glass window but I know how I fell in love whit it.It was L. S. Tiffany’s window. Not a lamp shade nor a church window but windows made for decorating rich people’s houses like this(sorry I can’t find any English site). Especially this one Helen Gould Memorial window”( this one is replica of it but picture is bigger than any site). It was in some museum(now in somebody’s property) in Japan I went to see about 20 years ago. They had light set up to show how it looked different from morning, mid day and dusk. It was so beautiful I could watch it forever. Love those art nouveau designs.

There are a lot of stained glass quilt pattern on the books or online. But I didn’t really fancy making them for a long time. Looked nice but didn’t see the point of it as sewing project. It’s more cutting, ironing and fusing.

Time went on. In 2005 we went to Paris for a family holiday. My wish list was filled with art nouveau of course but our daughter was only 5 and not so amused by museums hopping so we didn’t spent much time for that. But we came across those beautiful windows.

french window 2 french window 4

I was so fascinated after seeing one I kept looking for them but not so many I could find. At least for good design template.

After we came home I made these quilts. My first stained glass quilts.

Stained glass quilt

Stained glass quilt

Those days I wasn’t much into quilting side of quilt making so only quilted on the outlines. Unlike glass, fabric can’t let the light through but I can use any colour and print I want to make more decorative than any stained glass. They are proudly hanged in our house.

Since then I made a few of stained glass quilt. Now the new one is on the way which will be much much bolder 🙂

Will show you what is going on soon.


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