Hi! I’m free from hideous zigzagging. I have spent almost a whole week zigzagging on both side of bias tape on my stained glass quilt. And it’s over! Hooray!


Some part of the stained glass quilt.

I’m going refresh myself before start quilting it so I will be happy bird full of enthusiasm again 🙂

Do you remember I was talking about my labels. It has arrived at last!!


Box from Japan!

It took a while to redesign the logo for the stamp. I had it as colour print format(jpg) and have to change it into bitmap format because the stamp is one colour. Then that bitmap file had to be 600dpi to be a beautiful stamp. A few days of drawing on the PC. Well it paid!


My stamp and 30m of tag tape


Stamped! It’s midnight sky colour.

What do you think?

Actually the dotted lines are missing but that’s OK. I have a tiny tipped pen to fill that. I bought that tape 30m long! I better start making more things. Happy me 🙂

And a few extra shopping. Inks, cool masking tapes and cute buttons.




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