Storm after storm

After the Christmas we are having storm after storm here in Ireland.

The last week one, we lost nearly 30 slate roof tiles which flew to the other side of garden over the house! The roof is fixed on Monday but we had another and worse storm today. I hope nothing is broken around us and nobody hurt. For myself, I was supposed to go to two classes and one of them is re-starting for the this year. But I had to reschedule both. Too much wind, rain, snow and hail for driving around. Hopefully no more distractions on next weeks.

Anyway for that re-starting class I had “Dresden plate” in my mind as a subject. One traditional with curved line and the other is modern with points. Samples had to be made and finished to be cushion covers.

As usual mix and match or scrap I use. I like using pop bright colours but for that I had to get more lovely fabrics :).


scrappy Dresden plate

I know I should make this to the full circle as a Dresden plate because this is a sample to show in the class but I thought that is very boring. Then made to this. Very Art Deco, I thought.


Quilt top ready for quilting

By the way I love this chocolate brown fabric a lot and it’s very pop but calms down all the others. I will be using it a lot until it run out!

I tried quilting it all by free motion but the straight line grid didn’t turn up well so I had to do it again with normal way. More practice needed there.Do you like the result? I normally don’t use straight printed patterns since it needs more concentration and time to cut and sew straight. But this one I just like the colour and I did good quilting for it I think.


Can you see the grid quilting?

Swirls and curvy lines for the other places.



After finishing modern one, I went to make traditional one finished with needle turn applique. Good to do hand sewing on stormy night!


Traditional Dresden plate stitched on the backing.

Quilting was done by machine with blue thread like on this background fabric. I show you the reverse side picture for clear view. Since the print has some tulips I added some tulip looking shape. I use this shape a lot but I don’t know what it is supposed be actually.


Thanks to my piano lessens in my childhood I can draw treble clef very well 🙂 I know they are treble clefs but they look like, don’t they?



And these are the finished cushion covers. They will be in my Etsy shop very soon.


Finished cushion covers.


Today’s lesson; I will take more pictures regularly to show the progress of my work.


4 thoughts on “Storm after storm

  1. Beautiful work, Tomomi!! I especially love the treble clef design. : ) And I love your colour choices. You have such talent!

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