Japanese style table runner

When do you say Japanese textile, do you think it is glitzy colourful kimono silk, Kawaii cute prints or indigo ikat?

To me it is more indigo ikat or “Aizome/Kasuri” in Japanese. The navy/blue from indigo “Aizome” are only allowed to use for the common people’s kimono for a very long time(I haven’t taken a history lesson very well so I can’t tell you the exact period). But people didn’t give up the fashion. As a result Kasuri or ikat technique developed to the very highest.

When I found the Kasuri range from Moda Japan a couple years ago, I just jumped into buy them. Real Kasuri is a woven textile and very easy to fray, not easy for the patchwork (actually I have use them sometime). So Moda’s print version was perfect. I made a wall hanging for a friend last year and some more is left in my fabric stash.

This one caught my eye this time.


Already patchwork style! I cut it up each section to have a lot of small pieces and added cotton fabric I dyed with various plant leaves and acorns. These fabric looked very natural and pretty to me but didn’t find any commercial fabrics to go with. But this time they go together very well. Some are more greener and other is browner and they changes the colour depending on the light.


The design idea came to me was stepping stones which you may see some of Japanese garden. Stepping stones can be set on the pebble garden, grass or on the little stream. The first two is a bit tricky to do with quilting so I opted to the third one, stream.



I gave each stepping stone the character. Some with circle other with bricks.





And put cherries(blossoms) on top! Well it’s nearly spring, isn’t it and I can’t live without cherry tree!


Cherry blossom in pale pale thread

I am very happy with this one. Quilting went very well. The gray thread I used for quilting bound all the naturally died fabric and detail on the Kasuri fabric is came as what I wanted. Just need a nice table to be on.

This could be a table runner or a wall hanging and available from my shop.


One thought on “Japanese style table runner

  1. WOW! Your work on this is JUST BEAUTIFUL! I am very impressed! 🙂


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