My studio

It’s progressing. Exciting! My studio is nearly ready at least for my own use.

This big room was used by previous owner for flower arrangement class. It’s big and airy. Plenty of floor and storage space but needed a little bit of adjustment for us.

This was couple of weeks ago. We got doors for the under the counter top so we can have more storage and hide. Over the counter we added shelves for a lot of fabric to go in.


Last week I spent evenings painting doors and brown book shelf (that one behind the vacuum) in white. I know counter top and existing doors need paint as well but I am going to do it in summer!

Last week we finally made a trip to IKEA to buy tables, chairs, storage boxes and more. And yesterday and today I got a lot sorted my studio.


Earlier today. Moved things around.


That’s my corner. I will built in my sewing machine into that table when I get the new big one. That books shelf on the right is going to be a little shop of my creations. Ironing table has to be made as well.


Things are in place. I can start working there tomorrow! And classroom will be sorted soon 🙂



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