Modern Irish bee April

April’s Queen Bee is Anna! She wanted to have nice cheery crazy quilt blocks.

Oh crazy quilt. The beauty of randomness which I am not so good at it. Maybe I am just too fussy. Maybe I am too Japanese.

Every time I try to make crazy quilt I end up with too regular or repeated pattern. There is too much same colour here, similar shape there.

Then other thing happens often to me is a little bit short of fabric!  Like these corner or skinny bits. They might end up within the seam allowance but have to be there. I should make the ones before last bits a bit wider but somehow ends a tiny bit short. Does this happen to you as well?

corner corner-2




Anyway, with big smile on my face, I started these two center piece, both are cotton-linen. I love that bright bird. The other one is came from Japanese fabric charm swap, very very retro look.

start-annaRandomly cut, not regular, to the hexagon shape. Do they look random enough?

Anna wanted the centre pieces to be not in the centre of the blocks. But I started like reguler crazy quilt and added more fabric on one side. In order not to have one long strip of fabric going through all the way, I stitched two pieces in angle before and cut off the corner to add more shape. Then it started look like “pineapple blocks“. Random, Random…

Then it was a quarter of inch short here, one eighth short there….

Finished and delivered to Anna and she is happy with it. Relief 🙂



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