Log cabin / Dogwood

Back a few weeks ago, I started playing with Log cabin blocks. I love Log cabin, such a versatile block. I think I make them at least once a year.

This time I wanted use curved looking one. Made some draft on PC and decided to go with a half inch and one inch strips of blue and white.

log-cabin-01I knew what I wanted to make them but I had to play with blocks to make sure I was happy with. Very interesting, isn’t it.

dogwood-layout-4 dogwood-layout-01 dogwood-layout-02 dogwood-layout-3 Which one would you go for? After all I settled with the original plan, the white dogwood flower.  I love dogwood which is called Mizuki in Japanese, means water tree because they grow near the water. Do you know why it is called “dog”wood??

Here is the finished product, tablecentre piece or wall hanging. A lot of decorative quilting and bit of quilting design from very very inspiring Ms. Lori Kennedy  on the outer border. More practice to improve quilting always 🙂


I know it doesn’t look like a petal but more interesting?


Representing stamen, a lot of circle.





From Ms Kenndy’s border


All over view.


And the backing. It’s heavier upholstery cotton for stability.


This quilt is available to purchase form my Etsy shop. I can’t wait to see the dogwoods flower in our garden to bloom.

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