Bag lady

My classes has started in MY STUDIO this week! Yapeee! I have a few new ladies coming as well as familiar faces. Hope they all have fun!

In a meanwhile, I am being a bag lady. I love making patchwork quilt bags. Well it takes a looooot more hours maybe one day than making non patchwork quilt bags. But when they are done, I am so happy.

The difference isn’t that obvious in between normal bag and patchwork bag at a glance. Both have structure by adding interfacing or quilting, size and shapes can be any for both. The great thing about patchwork quilt bag is the I am the one making the main garment for the bag. Cutting fabrics to the small pieces and stitching them back together to something completely different.

Here are the recent addition to my shop.

I will make a few more of them this week.

I am happy to make any of them to suits your taste. Different colour or different patchwork pattern.  Just give me a shout!


By the way this one is the one I want to make for myself, what do you think?


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