Satsuki – 五月 –

That’s May in Japanese, my favourite name for the month. That always reminds me beautiful blue sky, nice warm early summer weather in Japan. Well it’s not like here for a last two weeks in Ireland. Bit cold and very wet…. The sun was finally back on the sky today. Ho ray!

This is the last bag I made. Girly? It’s smoky faded pink so more sophisticated than you think.


Available from my Etsy shop.

Recently I started quilting with feather motifs a lot. I purposely avoided to do feather quilting because it is everywhere, everybody doing it! I don’t want to do what everybody does! But I have to admit it is a very useful versatile quilting design. I will be positively using it more I think.

Now I am going to make some Zakka items to fill my shop.

First item is place mats. It’s a miniature quilt for me. There are so many blocks I want to make but I can’t make bed quilt for my family all the time since there are only two beds in the house. And our daughter is not much fun of having a quilt over the duvet. Ha! If you want a quilt in your home, let me know! I am happy to make one for you.

Back to place mats. I wanted use Road to Tennessee blocks. Then Modern Irish Quilters’ quilting bee for May happened to be the Road to Tennessee blocks. But I wanted the white bits bit bigger then it looks like window frame.

From 96 small squares to four place mats. I will be quilting them tomorrow before I dress up for FORM launch.

step-two step-four




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