Little by little

I have a lot to tell actually. Things are moving fast and keeping up is a hard job!

Today, finally got around to do some gardening. Nice weather is back, just for a visit I wish it was for stay! A lot of weed everywhere!!! Also finding new flowers too. I will bring my camera out if I can get around tomorrow. Lavender planted because I want to make a lot of lavender sachet. Fingers crossed.

Placemats are finished. Difficulty was quilting on bias lines. I don’t know why it was so difficult this time.

A set of four available from my Etsy shop

A set of four available from my Etsy shop


One big shopping has arrived the other day. Cutting rulers, cutting mats and rotary cutters. They are essential tools for quilters and I finally don’t need send people coming to my class to go shopping for them. I will wright a blog about them sometime soon.


Back last summer, a group of craft makers in county Carlow, my local area formed a group to help each others business. Local enterprise board was involved to set up this group to become representation of craft in Carlow. Since a lot of discussion and activity happened and finally last Wednesday our group FORM – Designedmade in Carlow was launched. I am very very happy and excited to be involved. Who knows what is going to happen next. Do visit our official website and facebook page to see our activity.

And finally about a bit future, I am going to be in part again of  ‘Carlow Made‘ pop up shop from 6th to 15th of June in Carlow shopping centre. I better get busy sewing.

Enjoy your Sunday!



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