More fabric

The second post about fabric just arrived last week.

They are all from Robert Kaufman. They have all sort of fabric from traditional to modern, cute to cool. I love their Japanese panels too. But for now I am stick to bright modern prints.

Blue print basics “smoke”

This one is gradation of grey on almost white background. Beautiful fennel flower head pattern. This grey has a hint of beige, not cold grey. Nice dramatic but bit feminine grey fabric.

From manufacture's print.

From manufacture’s site.

Blueprint basics "smoke"

Blueprint basics “smoke”

Against white/beige fabric

Against white/beige fabric

Mixmasters-Fizz “banana”

I never thought finding nice bright yellow fabric was so difficult. The yellow fabric I wanted was bright cheery but not primary colour yellow or shouty yellow.  And this one is perfect fit for what I was looking for. It’s more like first spring yellow flowers or yummy custard yellow. Cheery but not striking yellow so this one blends in very well with other soft colours.

Mixmastes fizz 'Banana'

Mixmastes fizz ‘Banana’

Against other yellow fabrics

Against other yellow fabrics


Studio stash “olive”

Love this flower pattern. I would have all the colours from this pattern, but not this time. Maybe next time…. This one is pale or faded olive green. Very greyish olive green. Can you see little white flowers? That is done by silk print so they will catch your eyes. Very grown up calm olive green.

studio stash "olive"

studio stash “olive”

Against yellows

Against yellows

Against green

Against green


Studio stash “salmon”

But I had to have this colour, salmon pink! Compared with “olive”, above this one is definitely bright but subtle, very grown up way. There is hint of orange as the name suggests. Again this one has white silk print flowers too.

studio stash "salmon"

studio stash “salmon”

Against pink

Against pink


Cozy cotton “celery”

The last one is a bit different because this one is flannel. Nice soft cozy flannel. Very gentle mint green with little white flower prints. The fluffiness of flannel make the colour much softer. The cotton flannel makes great backing for warm quilt projects. Of cause you can use it for the front as well.

from manufacture's site

from manufacture’s site

Against green

Against green


All the fabrics are made of cotton. You can purchase them from my Etsy shop or contacting me directly.

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