Brick wall quilt

I had planned to make this quilt last summer actually and finally got around to make it!

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What is very unusual about this quilt for me is, it is not a scrap quilt (Scrap quilts mean mix and match of all sort of fabric). Just two different fabrics I used for this quilt. One is blue fennel seed head print on white and the other is brown butterfly print.

This blue and white fabric’s print is very large so I needed it to be used as large pieces, 10″ by 6″ in this case. I thought using white fabric for the brick joints but the white background of the main fabric is not white white but a little bit cream… If I use white fabric that makes main fabric dirty…. That blue has got a little bit of teal which I always find difficult one to pick right complimentary colour. After spending a good long hour in the fabric shop I decided this brown fabric is the best. And those little butterfly print go well with flower print of main fabric.

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Quilting… This quilt is supposed to be a cool city, modern, grown up quilt. First I thought quilting with graffiti drawings like the ones on a wall. But that would be a bit too far so I quilted with weeds growing on the wall!

All weeds are growing from the bottom of quilt to the top. Ones look like ferns and others are a bit like fennel seed head. None are representing weeds in our garden, just imaginary motifs. I quilted with variegated green thread. That was fun!

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The backing is leaf motif print on aquamarine/deep blue and a khaki fabric. They are very gorgeous fabric on their own.KODAK Digital Still Camera

The border was quilted with ivy leaf motifs spreading all over. I love quilting with plant motifs:)

This quilt is available from my Etsy shop. It’s 48″ by 52″, lap quilt size also a good size to be spread over a two seat couch/sofa.

Enjoy your weekend! I’m off to the garden!



2 thoughts on “Brick wall quilt

  1. Beautiful quilt I wish I could get to your class still busy with dogs and garden family arriving soon from Australia and Switzerland so Ltd all go..

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