Quilting bee June

What a great summer we are having here in Ireland! Last summer was great and this one! Great to be out in the garden. Well actually I was in the garden all day today to catch up with all the things growing so fast. Will show you pics on next post.

Here is about Modern Irish quilting bee. June’s hive mama is Irina. She has got a lot of cute ideas not only quilt also quilling. You should check out her shop!

Irina’s quilting bee idea was very very original. I was totally astonished. Irina is going to make a Supernova quilt 🙂

I had to sort out all the red. Not pink or mauve but a star bursting red. I must confess my red department isn’t great. I have a lot of blue/green but not red. Irina wanted dark, medium and light red. Hmmm. I turned my warm colour scrap box upside down to find good variation of red. I just hoped my reds were good enough to go with everybody’s.

Irina's block one

Irina’s block one

Irina's block two

Irina’s block two

I must say that was a challenge sewing but I love brain exercise.

And they are with Irina now and if you want to see how the four blocks together look like, hop over to Irina’s blog.


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