June – 水無月’Minazuki’

Well today is the last day of June. Time flies indeed.

In Japan, June is a rainy month. A lot of rain, continuous rain for a month. So people in old days thought there must be no rain left up in the sky then decided to call it no water month, ‘Minazuki’.

In Ireland this year, June has been very good:0) with a lot of sunshine and warmth! I had a busy month but with a great satisfactory.

I am taking part quilt postcard exchange with Japanese quilters. This time the theme is using hexagon. A lot of great idea came up while browning for the idea from super cute fussy cut hexies to complex looking mandala hexies.  Well postcard is about 4″ by 6″, so I couldn’t do too complex design…. Then this idea came to me.



Does it look like…… an umbrella? I appliqued it and wellies and a little skirt.

Applique is done.

Applique is done.

Little bit like Sunbonnet Sue? She must have an umbrella if it rains. Then I added more little flowers to be raindrops and quilted with rain and puddles.

with Alchemilla

I thought about adding a frog or snail beside her since they appear mainly in June in Japan since the rain but space left was a bit too small.

Hydrangeas are June flowers in Japan and they last only one week! Not a whole summer like in Ireland.

with pink hydrangea

with pink hydrangea

with hydrangea

with white hydrangea

That’s my June and hexagon themed post card. I hope this doesn’t bring rain to here. Enjoy the summer!


4 thoughts on “June – 水無月’Minazuki’

  1. I love it … I would love to dip in and start with a mini quilt … you may have just given me inspiration! 🙂 …. also had a look at an earlier piece … the plough on the night sky … very clever and fun too 🙂

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