I have seen this somewhere probably Japanese book or site. Fabric weaving with bias tape or meshwork. And I can remember with this method I can make tumbling dice blocks very fast.

I cut out straight grain tapes (not on bias) and made tapes with my tape maker then proceeded without looking for any instruction hoping I can figure out myself. Well, that didn’t happen.

I looked up Japanese bamboo weaving here. I only wanted to make a small teapot stand, this method worked for me and here is the result, one teapot stand and two coasters.

They are very thick since one fabric is laid over the other two fabrics and they are all folded in half, six layer of fabric. And I added wadding and backing to the back.

mesh work trivet

with my favourite tea set.

with my favourite tea set.

After I made these, I have done the proper research(yes I do things wrong way) and I might do bigger version later. It is called Japanese meshwork, you can do it with tapes or ribbons, some looks totally amazing!


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