Modern Irish Quilting bee – July –

July is almost over. We are having good summer weather in Ireland! A lot of heat and sun shine 🙂

July’s queen bee is Fiona of Betsy Grey Crafts. She makes cute quilts.

Fiona’s request was string blocks with selvages in the middle. Using selvages for sewing has become very popular but I haven’t been very interested in. I do like finding the design of selvage some of which are very cute and colour used but not a collector.

So the first job was to find enough selvages, eight of them. Checking through my fabric stash, I found some are too narrow, some just missed the good print and some are just not interesting.

But I managed to find eight of them including cutting from big bolts.

I starched the backing fabric to keep it in shape which helped a lot. And from never getting smaller scrap boxes, I pulled out a lot of stripes and cut out more( see, that’s why they are never getting smaller). They are from 3/4 to two inches. I like cutting the strong coloured fabric to narrower strip so it won’t be shouty but give a good accent.

And here they are! Eight 6 1/2″ string blocks.

string blocks one half string blocks other half string blocks


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