I like poking my nose to the alleyways where I might find nice little treasure. My favorite place is definitely Shimokitazawa where I used to wonder around to find small shops who sell unusual things, antiques, imports from somewhere you never know and beautiful artisan stuff. Occasionally I did get lost but as the result I found new shop which I couldn’t find for the second time. All sort of fun you can’t get in main street.

Kilkenny is a that kind of city. Old town still has little strange alleyways and lot of independent shops. We walk up and down that town when we are there until the other half gives up!

FORM, our craft group from Carlow is going to have a pop up shop in one of alleyway in Kilkenny during Kilkenny arts fesitival which starting 8th August. The name of the street is Friary street.

friary street, kilkenny

Can you see the little cat on the wall? That’s where this street starts. Already cute!

friary street

You can wonder one side to the other, this shop to that as you like.

friary street

Love the Irish people paint the walls in various colours. That place #eat is a sandwich cafe and the other day we had tofu, beetroots and melon filled sandwich which was very yummy!

FORM pop up shop

And this is our pop up shop filled with all sort of exciting items.

Do visit us and enjoy waking Kilkenny and art festival.

FORM flyer Kilkenny



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