Around the world blog hop

Hi, today I am taking part in “around the world blog hop“. I was invited by lovely Ruth who blogs at Charly & Ben’s Crafty Corner. I love her original quilt designs, very inventive! And her adorable dogs! Take a look at her pets on the quilt photo as well.


What am I working on?

Actually right now this moment, I am off from sewing for a few days after sewing a lot for pop up shops with my craft group FORM and taking time to organize classes I will be running this Autumn and trying to fill my fabric shop shelves.

My corner at the FORM pop-up shop.

My corner at the FORM pop-up shop.

But not idle in my head. I am thinking about which fabric I should use for the Modern Irish Quilting bee and trying figure out what to do with this fabric which is super beautiful and I love it. But it has got directional print which I avoid normally but this time I want have it something beautiful.

Love the colour and print of this fabric.

Love the colour and print of this fabric.


How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My design is very influenced by Japanese culture of modern and traditional and Art Nouveau, Art and Craft and Art Deco. Strong colours, motifs, decorations, strong lines and using natural object for design ideas.


Recently I have got more confident with my free motion quilting with which I doodle quilt shapes and objects like leaves, flowers, geometric shapes and motifs. I try to enhance patchwork pattern with quilting lines and decorate to add more texture. I hope I am getting there.

Strata star quilt by Slaney HandCraft

The back ground was covered withe doodle quilting.

The back ground was covered withe doodle quilting.


Why do I create?

Because I love working with fabric 🙂

with pink hydrangea

Post card quilt

Quilt making is like making a brand new fabric by myself which I often use for making bags and purses and things like place mats, coasters. Yes, I can buy beautiful fabric and just leave it as it is and use it but I can make one and only quilted fabric which is more or less designing my own fabric, isn’t it? And that quilted fabric will become beautiful item in your house. That’s the best thing about quilt making for me.

hexagon shoulder bag

hexagon shoulder bag

Well, may be I just cant leave any fabric not been cut and not stitched anymore….


How does my creating process work?

Sometime I just want to make certain blocks, sometime I want use certain fabric and other time just want use up what I have in my hand. Then I drew something on PC which is most likely very different when I move on to the sewing machine. I like organized as well as accident.

Some coordinated and some just happened as I went.

Some coordinated in advance and some just happened as I went.

Then come to deciding how to quilt, I would be browsing all sort of designs from specified quilting designs to Arabic tiles and Japanese traditional motif designs. Pinterest is my best friend!

The most important thing for me is the progress and improve all the time and not repeating the same.

Decorative quilting on the border

Decorative quilting on the border



Now it’s time to introduce you the next lady. It’s Fiona of PatchworkDelights. She has got a lot of cute things going on. Her creations are very bright and colourful and her baby balls are just adorable. I hope you enjoy reading her blog!