Paper pieced flowers

Yes I have said I don’t like paper piecing. Yes I have tried not to buy flowery fabric too much. Well having said that, I must show you this quilt I made back in 2011.

Paper pieced flower quilt

This pattern is from a book called “Fresh cut flowers” by Liz Schwartz & Stephen Seifert. There are two different patterns in this book one with black outline and without. The one with outlines fascinated me so my adventure started(oops).

Original size of the each flower in the book were 12″ but I wasn’t in a mood to make a full size quilt at that time so I shrunk them to 8″. That made things very complicated because those black lines became very very thin(ouch). The piecing for the rose became too small and too complicated to stitch so I had to make it more simple. It still looks like rose, isn’t it?

paper pieced rose

The reason I took the challenge of making paper piecing with this quilt was there are all different flowers and I didn’t have to repeat same thing a lot of time except those leaves and squares on the border( I get very easily bored with repeating). Some are very simple and some took very long time to make.

I hope you can see the quilting I did on these photos(click photos for larger view). The simply pieced flowers had a lot of space to play with and I tried to make them to be more decorative. The complicated ones are quilted on the outlines and couple of quilting lines on each petal.

paper pieced flower

paper pieced flower

paper pieced flower

I hung it on my studio today. It’s a beauty. I still don’t believe I had a patient to make this quilt.

From "Fresh Cut Flowers", Paper pieced, machine quilted. 2011

“Flowers” 2011, 54.5″ by 67.5″H


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