Hunter’s star finished!

I started making “hunter’s star” quilt a while ago. This week I finally quilted it!

I always start quilting with quilting in ditch because that keeps everything in the place. No distortion to the patchwork shapes. I don’t do it every single place though, only where I want front fabrics to be anchored down, i.e quilted. Ditch quilting helps me to decide how to quilt the rest some time…..

When I quilt I spend so much time thinking about what kind of style or motif to quilt with. This time, what to fill each star blocks was easy, lovely flowery motifs. Then the rest…. Should I go star theme or christmas, or just swirls or….. I spend more time thinking than actual quilting,  a lot.

Centre star.

The centre star.

I finally added straight lines which divide the background to smaller section, that gave me a different direction for thinking.

I  treated those squares as one of other blocks rather than a part of  background. I know I am missing the point of free motion quilting which is done by one continuous line, no stop and start. But this quilt is not that big so I added those blue funny shape in each squares. Has that kind of shape got any name??

Then I quilted with white thread on the rest of background with paisley shapes continuously.

orange stars and squares

The orange stars and squares

hunters star by slaney handcraft

And the border was quilted with blue/green thread again.

corner star

The corner star

The backing fabric is dark gray/purple. I love way the orange threads shows up on the back.

The backing side.

The backing side.

Here is the front! I hang this quilt onto the Virginia Creepers which turning to gorgeous red right now!

Hunter's star finished.

Hunter’s star finished.


Finished size ; 32.5″ by 32.5″

Machine stitched and quilted.


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