September quilting bee

September’s hive mama is Helen. Her request was wonky cross made with bright solid. The first thing I had to was shopping! I bought Kona solid Canary, Amethyst,   Peacock and Lime from Fluffy Sheep Quilting. I like how they name the colours.

These are very simple blocks to make(detailed how to is here). One big square which cut once, add a strip, cut again and add another strip. I get them done no time! Well until I got the silly me moment. Some of the second strip didn’t line up easily.

If the strip is wider or cut with wider angle, I had to put them back thinking carefully where it should come together. So I put the ruler along side the seam and marked with Hera marker.

Place the ruler

Place the ruler


Marked with Hera

Marked with Hera

Can you see the white line on the second photo which is marked by Hera marker.

Hera marker is a marker for sewing before we had pencils and charcoal markers in Japan. Kind of hockey stick shaped tool made of plastic(Before we had plastic they were made of bone or something). It gives a slight dent to leave a mark on the fabric. I use it when I need to mark very closely to the ruler. The very fine pen marker might do the same job but with Hera I don’t have to worry about leaving the mess on the fabric. It doesn’t work on the hard or too soft surface but the cutting board is perfect for that job( I know I have to clean my cutting board sometime….).

Anyway after I marked it, I lined up the other half to make sure the strip comes to the marks at the seam not the edge.  Perfect!

Happy seams

Happy seams

The other thing, while making them I realised I tend to cut the fabric from left top to right bottom. I think because I am right handed and how I use the cutting tools. So the last one I cut other way. It felt actually bit wired. Is that only me?

And these are the finished products which send to Helen and received.


Canary, I was told never put pink and yellow together long time ago.


Amethyst, Bright shiny brown


Lime, it’s actually much brighter green.


Peacock, I like this mad fabric

Yes all the outline edge is uneven because of how these are made and every single block ends up in different size. Good luck trimming them Helen!

And this mini cross. I forgot to take a photo of it after I stitched my name on it.

mini one

mini one


4 thoughts on “September quilting bee

  1. Hi Tomomi, what a good idea to use your hera mariker to align the wonky cross, I had just sort of wiggled them about, good idea to draw across and follow the line. I have a hera pen and do find it very useful

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