Kawaii quilt!

Last year, when I shopped for some christmas fabric on line, this cute fabric came with it as a free sample.pram quilt by slaney handcraft

Bright cheery cute fabric, totally out of my character( if you know me in parson)! For nearly a whole year every time I look at my fabric box, it was begging me to be used for something.

The problem I had with this fabric is the print is pretty big, each rabbit is about 4″ tall and I don’t like cutting head off of anything(I know it doesn’t hurt these rabbits but still….).

Firstly I thought to make it a little girl’s bag but it didn’t make it to the nice size without cutting some rabbit’s head. ugh…

But anyway, I managed cut it into two small pieces without cutting any heads and picked up larger one to make it to something.

I knew very quickly I needed to add this chocolate brown border, 1″ wide. That made me to think making into a pram quilt.

In order to size up with some patchwork feature,  I added flying geese in various colours. They are 3″ by 1.5″.

pram quilt by slaney handcraftAnd then another chocolate brown border and outer border added. I just got this fabric for the outer border. It’s from September blue collection. I think it’s nice and cheery but at the same time more calmer.

I used cotton flannel for the backing because it is nice warm and cozy. It is soft mint green from Cozy Cotton.

pram quilt by slaney handcraftFor the main panel, I quilted on the outline of print and filled the background with circular motifs. The thread was matching pale blue/teal colour.

pram quilt by slaney handcratAnd then quilted background of flying geese with teardrop shapes. For this, thread was variegated pink.

pram quilt by slaney handcraftThe outer border was quilted with circular motif again which reflect the flower design of this fabric. The thread was light grey.

pram quilt by slaney handcraft

pram quilt by slaney handcrat

Now what shall I make with the remain of this fabric. Any suggestions?


Pram quilt “Happy Rabbit”: 26″ by 27.5″


P.S. Just in case if you are wondering either I cut the side of orange and pink rabbits, I didn’t!


6 thoughts on “Kawaii quilt!

  1. A drawstring bag? I have the same problem with a hello kitty fabric – not the cutting, the using of big prints – and still not sure where to go with it. Or you make PJs as I do now 🙂

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