Sampler quilt

A sampler quilt is a quilt made of different block patterns, usually as an exercise by the maker in piecing techniques( from

I should have made one as a learning process at the beginning but I never did since I didn’t find anything attractive about it.

But then I made this sampler quilt five years ago. The motivation was from this book, ” Puzzle Quilts” by Paula Nadelstern. I love her hussy cuts, prints, colour, pattern and her quilts as a result.

sampler quilt by slaney handcraft

I wasn’t quite bold enough to buy big bold prints as the book suggests. That scared me actually. Instead I collected Japanese looking fabric for a while. Some were bought here and some in Japan. Then I realised Japanese concept of Japanese design are so different from Western one. They didn’t mix very well in a same quilt. So I used only Western ones. (All those glitzy, shiny, loud, bright cotton prints, you never see them in Japan.)

Anyway, this sampler is actually not quite a sampler because it hasn’t got that many different blocks in it. But since the purpose of this quilt is playing with colour and prints and creating new shape outside the blocks, it’s a sampler.

sampler quilt by slaney handcraft

sampler quilt by slaney handcraft

These two are actually same blocks with different intention. They are both Jacob’s latter blocks. The top one is more concentrating in colour and the second one is about fussy cuts and looks more like star. I think the second one has got too busy but I like the diagonal lines created bu the green bits of that print.


sampler quilt by slaney handcraft“Granny square” in two fabrics.  I was trying to make it look like Japanese bamboo garden fence like this. Hence I used bamboo print(not in quite right colour unfortunately) and quilted with bamboo leaf motifs which is bit wobbly( it was five years ago). There is another granny square in this sampler, can you guess?

sampler quilt by slaney handcraftThis block is my fabourite. Love that gradation of red.

sampler quilt by slaney handcraftAnd the centre piece was done with bold quilting.

I quilted with crane motifs on the border which needed a lot of concentration( I hope you can see in this photo).

sampler quilt by slaney handcraft

Ah all the memories…..


2 thoughts on “Sampler quilt

  1. Love your red block – I can see why its your favourite! I’m really enjoying learning about Japanese fabrics and design motifs!

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