Autumn garden

One more day to November. The weather has been not very nice this October. Rain, wind, cold. I know it’s autumn but surely we can have more nice sunny days.

Yesterday morning, for a very short time sun came up so I run around our garden with my camera. Not much flower left and not much autumn colour either. But I found some nice things.

blue sky

pine tree

This pine tree is turning gold.


Anemone I planted last month.

anemone shoot

Look it’s coming up! in the center!


Nasturtium is still happily flowering.

mini club apple

Lovely red crub apple.


I know this isn’t actually petal( what’s the English name for this part of flower?) and they are tuning very interesting colour.


Happy marigold. I am sure we are going to have a lot of them and nasturtiums next year.


This rose is still full of buds and flower. Amazing.

Happy Halloween!



6 thoughts on “Autumn garden

  1. Hi, Thank you. I wasn’t very clear of that sentence. What do you call the outside of flower, the green part which wraps around when it is still a bud? Hydrangea flower is actually tiny one in the middle of this bits look like flower. I know the name in Japanese. but unfortunately my native Irish husband doesn’t know in English…..

  2. The leaf-like parts that surround the flower are called sepals. And the apple tree with the small red apples I would call a crab apple, we have one like it in our garden, as well as a yellow one. They are gorgeous this time of year, don’t you think?!

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