I’ve been bit quiet here on the blog land because I haven’t spent much time for quilt making but sewing a lot for the, ahem, next month, you know.


some cushion covers

some tea cozies

and some more purses

Some are already listed on my Etsy shop so have a look. If you can’t wait for me making lists there, do contact me 🙂


Well well, time flies. It’s almost a whole year since we moved into this new home.

We built his studio for editing video and did a bit of modification to the sitting room and then organised existing flower arrangement class room to be my quilt studio.

I grew vegetables for the first time in my life( actually only potatoes, carrots and radishes and onions are on the way!). Did a lot of gardening. Lot of weeding and watering!

We had a lovely summer too. We ate in the garden a lot of time. Had a lot of relaxing time in the garden.

We didn’t know modern house can be cold too!

But it’s been a happy family home!

I joined the team of very talented craft people to represent county Carlow’s craft “FORM”. Little bit of showing off my quilts here and there.

My studio started to run classes.  Hopefully a lot more to come( I will post about new years class schedule this week).

It sounds like a busy year, isn’t it. We are hoping we can squeeze some holidays next year after our girl’s exam.

And I will let you know a lot of things now and then.



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