A postcard for swap

I am in a on-line group of Japanese quilters for swapping postcards. We make patchwork, appliqué, quilt postcards for swapping every 3-4 month. Some of us live in Japan, some in US and some in Ireland!

The theme for the postcard this time is Japanese new year with square somewhere in it.

Around the time of new year, we Japanese get more Japanese like. Traditional decorations and atmospheres are everywhere. So this postcard is very Japanese.

Japanese postcardI pieced diamond shapes for the background which is a sort of square( in my mind anyway) and I appliquéd good luck items.

The materials for the background are old Kimono silk my friend send me a while ago. Some are vibrant and others are neutral colour.

Appliqué motifs are, from top left, plum flower, bamboo leaves, sheep and, from bottom left, spinning top, pine tree, Hanetsuki shuttle cock.

Pine, bamboo and plum are used for the good luck decoration for the new year, called Kadomatsu.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Plum flower

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Bamboo leaves and sheep

Hanetsuki is a game very similar to the badminton but using wooden racket and wooden shuttle cock with feathers. Also decorative rackets called Hagoita are used for decoration in the new year time as well. Spinning top is a very popular boys’ game and Hanetsuki is a girls’ game.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

spinning top and pine tree

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Hanetsuki shuttle cock


Next year is a year of sheep so I had to add it:)

Quilting got bit wonky because this card is only 4″ by 6″ and I couldn’t hold onto it well…

I posted it today to Japan. Hopefully it will become a part of good new year’s decoration in the new home.


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