Mystery free motion quilt along

Last week when I saw this post at the inbox jaunt by Lori, I was very excited. It’s a very different quilt along, free motion quilting quilt along!

I love Lori’s inspirations for quilting motifs but I haven’t brought her ideas to my quilting much and I thought this was a great opportunity to have fun!

Last week’s job was to choose fabric and make a quilt sandwich which I didn’t. Because I knew it is going to get wrinkled and I had to start it again. So everything was done today.

I am using Kona shadow which is a light shade of grey and wadding is 100% cotton.

Quilt sandwich pinned and marked

A quilt sandwich pinned and marked

I use pins for making quilt sandwiches and I use a lot of them normally 4″ apart and in this case one pin in each square. I use a Karisuma pencil for marking which is a mechanical chalk marker and lines disappear with moisture.
When I was ready to start quilting, I realised I didn’t know how to keep the width of zig-zag even. My first idea was draw another line parallel to the ones drawn already but trying to stay inside two lines didn’t sound easy to me. I looked up the Lori’s page and read carefully and the one photo gave me a better idea. I can use the width of quilting foot as a indicator.

To the right

Went to the most right, now started going left

To the left

Went to the most left, now started going right

When the foot hit the marked line, I started going to the opposite direction( by the way the fabric is still light grey not cream as you can see in the photos and those florescent green lines are not drawn by my marker).
And this is the very first zig-zag line I made. I know some bits are more curve than zig-zag because I didn’t stop at the corner long enough. I was more careful after this.

The very first zig-zag line.

The very first zig-zag line.

The first line was followed by a shadow or echo line. I stitched this line backwards, I mean backwards to the sewing machine normally goes.

Double zig-zag line

Double zig-zag line

Then very quickly I had done all the longer six lines.

The longer grid lines done!

The longer grid lines done!

And the all the shorter six lines.

All the grid line done!!

All the grid lines done!!

I already like how it looks. And very excited what is going to happen to this one.


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