Blue tile quilt

I made this quilt ” Blue tile” 2012. It’s a whole cloth quilt with drawings.

Whole view

Whole view

I used the fabric painting technique by Helen of Hugs ‘n Kisses, painting cloth with water colour pencils. Water colour pencils are colouring pencils and can produce water colour look when added some water with brush. Blending colour, gradation or fading can be made. Helen uses fabric medium or dye fixture instead of water to blend and fix the colour onto the fabric. Yes your own drawings on the fabric!

First I made a trial quilt designed by Helen and followed the tutorial from a book or a magazine I had. Drawing and blending colour the way I wanted was a bit tricky and fabric medium easily spills outside and makes smudge. And if I put too much fabric medium it looked like plastic cover on it. I learnt a lot of thing I had to be careful while drawing.

Then off I went design my own. I wanted it to be look like very decorative tile with a lot of small detail. The tulip like centre medallion made into a shape very quickly and it was repeated outside. The rest was filling the white parts as much as possible but not too much.

Centre piece

Centre medallion

Detail on the corner

Detail on the corner

It was very difficult to put fabric medium on the sharp tips, tiny dots and narrow lines. I don’t remember now how long I had to hold my breath while I was doing it so!

I quilted with blue tread on the outline of all the motifs and with white tread on the white background. At that time I haven’t developed as a dense quilter so I just filled it with swirls.

Can you see quilting detail?

Can you see quilting detail?

Blue tile quilt by Slaney HandCraft Blue tile quilt by Slaney HandCraftI might do it again sometime when something come up and I think this is the only way to make something I want:) Yep all those tiny narrow things….

“Blue tile”, 40″ by 40″, in 2012

Whole cloth quilt with fabric painting.


10 thoughts on “Blue tile quilt

  1. I shopped this morning for fabric for a project. I didn’t find what I wanted. On the way home I thought, I could paint some… I am evolving to think about fabric in different ways. 🙂

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