Mystery free motion quilt along : week three

Lori posted the third week’s mystery quilt along clue here. It’s writing my name with free motion quilting. Yikes!

My Hand writing is terrible in Japanese or English! I hate seeing it myself. I tried to improve it but didn’t do much. Thanks to typing and printing, I don’t have to do it so much compared to the school days. Anyway that’s enough excuse and here we go!

First I practised on the scrap sandwich all the alphabet and my name. Do hop over to Lori’s blog for advice for each letters.

Practice piece

Practice piece

The top curve of “c” didn’t have enough curve. I couldn’t remember how to write “r” properly so “w” and “v”. And my surname has capital E in the middle and that brings difficult movement.

Here is the take one.

Take one

Take one

“Tomomi” expanded to the right too much. I didn’t like “m”s spreading at the bottom. “wee” is not readable… Ripping time….

Take two!

Take two!

Take two!

Much better shape with this one. I like “T” and “M”‘s shape this way and “w” is proper. Although the second “o” is a bit small and “cE” didn’t flow smoothly. But over all I can live with this one.

Then I realised I put it in a wrong box in a wrong way! I know I should pay more attention to the instruction.

This is the correct and final one! Double drawn line of “cE” has got bit darker compared to the rest but I can’t do anything about it :p

Correct one!!

Correct one!!

Now I have to rip the other one which takes way longer than stitching it which is less than a minute but that’s life.

3 thoughts on “Mystery free motion quilt along : week three

  1. I love your free-motion writing! I also am having trouble with the “r”, “w”, “v”…and I haven’t put my name on the real quilt yet:) Keep up the good work, girl!

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