Big quilt – part one

I should be doing some free motion quilting with mystery quilt along but there is not real sewing involved this week so I won’t talk about it today( actually there is something I am supposed to practice…)

Last week I started some idea for this year’s big quilt. My inspiration came from this beautiful tile design. I believe it is a creation of Chris Gryder( sorry I don’t know any more than that).tile ideaI love the way colour, motifs and different texture are all mixed up. When I saw it I just wanted make a quilt like that. But how?

The first idea was appliqué to create slimier look. No that’s not original. The second ones was doing it with quilting. I wasn’t very convinced. Then I decided to mix up the patchwork blocks.

After a few days of placing blocks and colouring and replacing them, this is the final idea so far( subject to change any moment).

Idea so far

Idea so far

And this is the first row made, it’s the middle one. See I changed some colour already.

This is the first row.

This is the first row.

I have made nine blocks and it’s growing fast.


4 thoughts on “Big quilt – part one

  1. I’m not usually drawn to “sampler” type quilts, but holy cow, the photo of your blocks just jumped out from the reader at me. Absolutely gorgeous. I need to stop being a snot about sampler quilts.

  2. I haven’t made a single sampler quilt since I started 12 years ago. I haven seen a few quilts made me want to try. It’s on my pinterest somewhere…. Thank you for stopping by!

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