Big quilt part two!

At the end of today, I have made twenty one blocks and four more to go. There is one block I don’t think fit in very well and I want change some fabric from one of the blocks I already stitched up. Some fabric run out prematurely and I never have good purple!

tile 18-21

Piecing has been a good fun since most went well( you know what I mean). I am getting expert at triangles 😉 And flying geese!

There are no foundation piecing. Just cutting correctly and sewing correctly. Everything fall in a right place nicely!

tile of 10-13All blocks are based on nine patch but some are look like nine patch but not and some I made into nine patch. Only one Y seam so far. No fuss. Just fun.

tile of 14-17Today one block took about two hours to make from choosing fabric to finish. And one block took only a half hour!

I know you think some placement of fabric is odd. The reason is they have intentions to connect to neighbouring block.

Here is the first three rows together. Any suggestion of change? I am definitely going to change one place…

KODAK Digital Still Camera

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