Mystery quilt along … week five

As you may know, I skipped last week’s task which was making a template for spool shape. I made it last night and after I added a border to the big quilt in the morning,  I spend some happy time doing free motion this afternoon.

This week’s task was drawing thread spool and sorting threads.

First, I practised twisty loops. Did you practice this shape when you started writing? I learnt it when I learnt to write in English. Japanese writings are made of short straight lines(Chinese character) and gentle curves(Japanese alphabet). I remember doing twisty loops a lot to get hang of script writing, go up slowly and come down bit fast so the line disappear as you go up and darken as you go down. Also slight slant. When I do it with a pencil it doesn’t look like a design pattern but more like writing practice…. And last time when I attempted twisty loops with free motion it looked like my writing practice. But somehow it didn’t happen today!

by Slaney HandCraft

straight lines are still….

by Slaney HandCraft

It was suddenly so easy.

by Slaney HandCraftDrawing long straight lines with free motion is a challenge and I still wiggle( more concentration)! But I think I did good at drawing spools. By the way I was supposed to measure a half inch gap in between spools by look but I used my index finger as I do always. Is that cheating?

by Slaney HandCraft

They look like candy tubs.

by Slaney HandCraftStill Camera

They are the first two. I tend to do it from left to right as I write. It’s a habit.

by Slaney HandCraft

The last two. yes I was messing…

by Slaney HandCraft By the way, can you see my sewing table is black? That’s because I was using a silicone baking sheet on it. If you can put “Supreme slider” for free motion quilting, you can move fabric so easily because Supreme slider is slippery. A while back I read somewhere, Supreme slider is a silicone sheet and why not use a silicone baking sheet which is far far cheaper than Supreme slider( and I have no idea who sells Supreme slider in Ireland and how expensive it is). I looked for it in the kitchenware shop but no luck. Then found one in Aldi(only problem is they have in stock only when they want). And it works! I didn’t have to grab fabric to move it but just gently slide with light touch! And it’s a perfectly sized to fit on my extension table!! You have to get it!

Anyway, this is the finished product of this week.  I did it with Aurifil cotton thread 50wt in red. After I finished the spool I just wanted to fill the empty space because it looked bit left out.

by Slaney HandCraftHappy sewing!

P.S. the majority of my threads are cotton 50wt or 30wt. Yes I have some poly and poly-cotton too for general sewing.

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