Mystery quilt along continues!

by Slaney HandCraftJust one photo to show you this week. Our mission from Lori this week was compare different threads.

I am actually not good at collecting different kind of thread. Well My favourite is the Gutermann’s cotton thread for sure and I have a lot thanks to my dear friend Evelyn. Right now I am adding bit more of Aurifil since it has a good price and wide colour range thanks to Fluffy sheep quilting. Long time ago, I asked my hubby to get a box set of cotton thread for Christmas present which I still have a lot.

I have stitched five of them so far. From left top, Aurifil 50wt, Cotty 30wt(box set one), Empress mill 50wt( just got in as shop/class supply), Gutermann 50wt, YLI 30wt. They are all made of cotton.

I have been using Cotty ones a lot as you can imagine. Main problem with this one is they create a lot of lint. I have to clean my machine more often. Otherwise nice thicker thread.

I bought YLI 30wt to quilt on white background of blue tile quilt and haven’t used it since and I couldn’t remember what it was like. Well it was very good! Very smooth and easy! When I use Cotty ones I have to loosen top tension a lot but for YLI, almost none.

Ones from Empress mill didn’t have any problem either. I might try more 🙂

You probably guessed Aurifil and Gutermann are good and they are. I have Gutermann 30wt but haven’t tried yet and haven’t got Aurifil 40wt yet. Putting on my shopping list then.

Other threads I have are Polyester(for general sewing), Polycotton from Japan(actually I haven’t seen 100% cotton thread made in Japan, only imports from US), Rayon which I am keeping for the special project(sometime it will happen, I need bit more confidence), some Korean silk thread for Korean patchwork which is a hand sewing thread and I don’t think I can put it on the machine, can I?

I have metallic and Monofilament as well but haven’t used them a long time either.

Conclusion, I have to get more different make, weight of threads to try. When I get some more done, I will let you know!


3 thoughts on “Mystery quilt along continues!

  1. Thanks for your review of thread. I was once gifted a selection of Aurifil and it is nice to work with by hand. I have not seen it for sale anywhere in Japan, even at quilt shows. I think you can find Gutermann at some places. Since I quilt by hand, I keep returning to Coats. It is stronger for hand quilting (and I like using a rather long section of thread at a time).
    When I was growing up, my mother used the cheapest thread on sale. As a result, all the quilting on the many baby quilts she made had to be replaced as it completely disintegrated.

  2. Hi Julie, Thank you for stopping by. I haven’t seen cotton thread from Coats here and I rarely see Coats thread these days. Can you get cotton thread easily in Japan? Your mother’s quilts must be true treasures for you. I hope they last for very long time. Tomomi

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