Mystery quilt along – last post –

I might add more picture somewhere but for now this is my last post about Mystery quilt along with Lori, the Inbox Jaunt.

In the previous post, I added some thread spools with different threads. Since I added a few more.

This one is from lovely Fiona, 50wt, Egyptian cotton from Greece. Lovely bright colour(more experience needed).

Lovely Egyptian cotton thread from Fiona. Weight 50.

Lovely Egyptian cotton thread from Fiona. Weight 50.

Gutermann cotton thread 30wt. Didn’t feel much different but certainly looks different.

Gutermann weight 30

Gutermann weight 30

And some poly thread for trying. I don’t know the weight of this thread. Is that only me but poly thread feels bit less smooth?

Some poly thread, I don't know the weight...

Some poly thread, I don’t know the weight…

(Since the last post, I was quilting the big one with cotton thread from Empressmills and discovered it makes a lot of lint. It is not a big problem for sewing, just need more cleaning often…)

I have a lot of empty space left on this sample to fill for the future and lot of thread to try!

The last task for quilt along was adding thread and needle motif on the upper left corner to remind me to use #80 needle for 50wt thread. I still haven’t got #80 top stitch needle(it’s on my shopping list) which Lori recommends for quilting. I will certainly try since thread breakage is a big annoyance.

Needle and thread

Needle and thread

I added carrot orange binding on this sample since Kona shadow grey fabric looked bit cold and thought need some cheering up. It’s from Doe collection and it is certainly bright!

And my quilting sample looks like this. Eight box filled and my adventure continues 🙂

by slaney handcraft


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