I wanted to make a quilt with simple appliqué shapes on white and a lot of quilting on the white background for a while but it took a very long time to decide what I want for that shape. They need to show some movements so the quilting will add dynamism to them. I wanted them to be very simple shape. I wanted the whole design to be asymmetrical.

Fabric audition. First I was going to make appliqué pieces in green/blue but I am going to send this quilt for Modern Quilters Ireland first exhibition and the theme is “Happy” so I thought better add some warm colours too.

by slaney handcraft

Fabric audition

They were cut and fused on the Kona white on St. Patrick’s day morning and I started quilting in the afternoon.



I quilted without thinking much about design of quilting. Just doodled. Only important thing was it should be flowing. Since it is a whole cloth quilt with fused appliqué, quilting was very very smooth. No bumps or different thickness of fabric. It flew. Quilting was finished on the next day.

by slaney handcraftI added very thin binding made of Kona shadow which is a pale blue grey.

My Kodak PIXPRO stopped opening the lens just after one year and two month! and now I am back to 13 years old Nikon. Apologies for the photo quality( and if you know any help please let me know).

by slaney handcraft by slaney handcraft by slaney handcraft by slaney handcraft by slaney handcraft by slaney handcraft by slaney handcraft by slaney handcraftby slaney handcraft

As I said this quilt will be at the exhibition in Dublin and others are making fantastic quilts for it as well. I hope you can come to see them in real.


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