Fabric card using lace tape.

All the Easter break activities are over and back to normal days. First thing I had to do was clean the studio. Where all those dust come from? Anyway it is now ready for classes starting tomorrow!

Then this afternoon, I finally put myself to make a fabric card for a swap with Japanese quilters. The theme for this time’s swap was using some kind of tape or ribbon in the card. Term of tape or ribbon can be stretched as far as it is a flat and long. I don’t buy ribbons or ric-rac because I can’t find cute attractive ones in nearby shops and If I do, I don’t know what to do with them.

What I had in my box was a big cone of sew-on lace tape which my husband’s auntie who makes Irish dance costumes, gave me. I have plenty for sure to use for a little post card.

I actually have no idea where this idea of waves came from. But I liked it and went on with it.

fabric cardI ironed strips of fusible web on the lace tape and fused it on the fabric and at the same time I folded the tape to make pleats and made wavy lines. Then I stitched blue fabric on the seam allowance of the lace tape following the curve, right side together, folded over the fabric and pressed to shape then added top stitch to the edge of blue fabrics.

I flipped lace tape in some places to make more movement. And then I stitched the whole top to a piece of thick interface and stitched it with other side of fabric/card which has got a thick interface backing as well. Now it can stand on its own!

fabric cardI would flip a bit more of lace and like to make it more three dimensional but have concern it may get squashed in the post. Difficult.

I know the composition is not great since the card is only 4″ by 6″ and the lace tape is too big compared to blue fabrics. But I think it is more dramatic, what do you think?

And I haven’t quite decided which side is up. Dark or light?


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