Finished miniature quilt.

I have finished quilting the miniature. I am not sure how dense the quilting should be as a miniature but this is what I like and did( Hilary dose amazing micro quilting! I love it).

This is the ambitious drawing I made prior to quilting.

by slaney handcraftDrawing on white paper with black pencil is much clearer to show what I want to do. Quilting on very pale grey fabric with natural white thread was not much clear. I really like how the back of the quilt look, it’s so much clearer than the front. Is that because this backing fabric is bit stiffer or white or this is what wadding do?( mind you, I have just read which way of wadding should be up and I followed it)

by slaney handcraft by slaney handcraftAnyway this is how it turned out. I couldn’t do any smaller as I did on the drawing and some place I just changed my slaney handcraft by slaney handcraft by slaney handcraft by slaney handcraftMaybe I should have used different coloured thread especially for the stem but I couldn’t figure out what colour is good enough and at the same time not distrusting. The reason for that argument was I knew I had to quilt on the same spot several times on the stem and that would make a quite thick appearance and I wouldn’t be happy with that.

The thread I used was Aurifil wt50, natural white since that main background fabric is not shiny white. The diamonds and backing are shiny white by the way.

by slaney handcraftI AM happy with it but I know I want to improve a lot more. If I do it again, I might do a whole cloth quilt on solid.


5 thoughts on “Finished miniature quilt.

  1. I think your results are very good, especially for a learning experience. “Small” does not always mean quick and easy and you put a lot into a small space.

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