Bookshelf quilt – part one

October last year, I was hive mama for the modern Irish quilters’ quilting bee. Ladies send me lovely books/quilt blocks to me and it’s a time to build the bookshelf/quilt.

My inspiration for this quilt was this. Nice colourful books. I could just sew all the blocks together and put sashings/shelves and border/case frame but that’s a bit boring, too square, isn’t it. Also I asked the blocks to be any width of around 12.5″ since I wanted all the books to be in various width and making them exactly12.5″ would be tricky. And Yes they came as 16″ to 11″. Now I need a very goof quilt math!

On top of that I want this bookshelf to be something more creative shape. The first thing came to my mind was a tree shaped shelf like this. Then I quickly realised in this way my quilt would be huge or I need to make two or three quilts to use all the blocks. No. My Pinterest search continued and I found beautiful book shelves, libraries, and storages.

My bookshelf will be made of different sized compartments and after a good quilt math, this is what it is going to look like.



book blocks!

book blocks!

There are few good size empty spaces. I could put some ornaments/appliqué like we do in real life but ornamental bookends would be much better idea, don’t you think? Pink and purple boxes are bookends and I will make some simple triangle ones too.

And I made quarter of marina’s compass, New York beauty and star blocks I found at wombat quilts. Most were paper pieced and I added 1.5″ strips on the edge to make them more look like bookends, do they?

book ends

book ends

book ends

Now to fill background and assemble each compartments.


7 thoughts on “Bookshelf quilt – part one

  1. I had never heard of such an idea but it seems such a cleaver way of combining the work of others. Looking forward to the next edition … you must know that librarians do love books.

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