A bit of Mexican? Perhaps.

It was a busy week. I had to drop a few small items to a new craft shop in Borris. It’s called “The Store” and placed at the gate lodge of the Borris house and just opened last weekend. Borris house is a beautiful huge estate and runs various event throughout the year. Drop in if you are in the area.

Those purses are mine :)

Those purses are mine :), Photo from The store.

And then I had to make a small quilt in quick. I went through my Pinterest board and this one got my attention. I see Mexican or American native motif quilts more often and they look very different from traditional blocks but very simple. I wanted to try!

These blocks are one of signature blocks. I made them with 2″ strips (2.5″ with seam allowance) of bright strong colours. The background is Kona snow, slightly creamy white because pure white looked too strong against those colours.

adobe quilt 01 wmThe red one is slightly pink. The purple one is a nice grape colour.  The one on the left bottom is a very dark green. The right bottom one is blue and the middle one is mixture of grey stripes and some silver too.

There were plenty background to play with doodle quilting and so I did.

detail 02 detail 01 wm detail 09 detail 10Maybe I should quilt it with more American native style. Perhaps next time.

detail 06I quilted with brackets in between blocks. Yes brackets are useful!

Coloured parts are quilted with same motif with each matching coloured thread but the cross shape in the middle, I quilted with something look like plants.detail 03 detail 05  back of quilt 02The finished size is about 40″ by 40″ and can be a wall hanging as well as a lap quilt. I am going to bring one to hang in a local restaurant. I will talk to you about later!


2 thoughts on “A bit of Mexican? Perhaps.

  1. I like that simple pattern and your use of colors. The quilting is fancy for someone who likes the combination of simple and fancy. I should dig out some native designs to share with you because some of them would be easy to do by machine.

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