At last…

It has been not very warm during this May but finally I have some flowers in the garden(and a lot of weed). And I am finally getting outside to do some job too.

This white tulips are very very tall probably 1m or so and still look like buds than flower nearly a month.


We have so many aquilegia since they just drop some seeds and spread. White, purple, pink and these pale blue one. I will keep these ones for sure.

aquregea 02

These pulmonarias are very pale and don’t look like pulmonaria, do they. Sky blue and pink.


Geraniums are just everywhere and this year I really have to take them out a lot. I don’t remember seeing this white ones last year. Very cute, I might keep them.


I like poppies. I would like to have red one but this orange one is nice too. Large oriental one are nearly ready to flower too.


I bought this sage at Christmas 2013 with thyme and rosemary in a same pot from a supermarket(grow your own herbs for Christmas, or something). Rosemary died very quickly and thyme doesn’t look happy now. But somehow sage survived and super healthy and now flowering!sage

The very first rose of this year. Surprisingly this one is in the shady place and earlier than any other ones.rose

Viburnum and white lilacs don’t have strong scent but beautiful.

vibornumlilacThis is a pathway in the middle of our garden. The lady built this garden did a superb job, didn’t she. If I can’t see or hear the neighbour, I am in a heaven.



4 thoughts on “At last…

  1. Acqualegias are my favourite . So far this year only white and purple with a white centre . I should come down and raid your seed heads !

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  2. Glad to see your spring is arriving, little by little. We have only wild poppies here and they are all finished and seeds are ready to spread. Tulips are long gone. Isn’t it interesting to compare what the seasons bring to different parts of the world?

  3. Hi Tomomi! I’m happy I found you from Ruth! My First thought when opening your blog was Oooh! I love the quilt and photo on your header! I’m Finnish woman living in GREECE and I love colours and sunshine, which your quilt has! I’m looking for to read and see more your work. x Teje

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